The demolition of the Christ Church 50 years ago

The Christ Church on Schröderplatz, consecrated in 1909, was an integral part of the Rostock cityscape for 62 years. On August 12, 1971, it was blown up for anti-church and ideological reasons, as it stood in the way of a new, oversized "socialist" city center planned by the GDR government and the Rostock city council The Christ Church was removed from the Rostock cityscape because of the bottlenecks and the lack of building materials.


The video shows how the roof was covered shortly before the day of blasting - building materials were in short supply in the GDR. Everyday situations …


Contemporary witnesses

"On August 12, 1971, the Christ Church in Rostock was blown up. As a 12-year-old I was stunned with my parents on the roof at Friedhofsweg 11, the …



There is also a book by Dr. Georg Diederich - "Aus dem Auge aus dem Sinn" – only available antiquarian.

The history of the Catholics in Rostock can be …



Exhibition on the old Christ Church in the anteroom of the Thomas Morus church



In 1909 the first Christ Church was consecrated on Schröderplatz. The largest Catholic church in Mecklenburg was a magnificent neo-Gothic clinker …

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